Starteam International ltd.

1.Identify new business opportunities that the company can venture in. (New products for pets, rabbits and farmer consultancy services.).

2. Guide the marketing and operations team to identify quick wins and business opportunities for growing the business that require little investments and resources within the current business setting.

3. Develop a strategy for new product development guiding the team on the product development cycle and innovation (Ideation, research, testing and implementation).

4. Prepare a profile of the market competition identifying the firm’s market reach, marketing proposition and SWOT analysis and the competitive strategy that Starteam will deploy to survive the intense market competition.

5.Design a marketing strategy that will detail short term and long term action plans to grow the business (Pricing, Advertising and collaborative partnerships etc).

6.Develop Standard operating procedures for feed production operations and marketing to guide the operational teams towards quality products.

7. Prepare Job descriptions for company staff- (Sales, Operational and administration staff).

8.  Train the sales teams on market prospecting, customer recruitment and target setting and sales planning to enable them, increase their effectiveness.

9. Prepare and train the sales team on excellent customer service standards ensuring the firm gets recognized for its excellent customer service.

10.Propose design product brochures and booklets detailing the firm profile and products.

11.  Develop guidelines and event planning for market activations and customer recruitment.

12.  Propose and advise on the setting up of a new customer relationship management(CRM) system to support efficient customer engagement initiatives.

13.  Develop innovative Business to Business and Business to Customer models. This includes possible contract manufacturing for big farms, CBO’S and other cooperatives.

13.  Develop innovative Business to Business and Business to Customer models. This includes possible contract manufacturing for big farms, CBO’S and other cooperatives.

14.  Propose the format for  a possible loyalty reward scheme- (How to reward farmers who reach certain volumes or introduce new customers to the business.)

15.  Propose a road map for business expansion to other regions in the country- Special emphasis on Central Regions.

16.  Propose a strategy to increase Collaborations and partnerships (Government institutions and big farms).

17.  Recommend best pricing strategies based on market environment and how price and customer service can become company competitive strategy.

18.   Working with the sales team, propose the business tag line and selling slogan for brand development and growth.

1. Degree Graduate or diploma   in relevant subjects Business Administration, Marketing, Agribusiness and or customer service.

2. At least 3 years of experience in the same line of business. Demonstrated experience in business development in similar feeds productions, or cooperatives, or agribusiness enterprises.

3. A creative and innovative person who has the courage to say the truth and influence teams to share insights in a more professional manner.

5. Excellent communication, writing and training skills.

6. Excellent research and report writing skills.

7.  Self-starter and proactive individual with the ability to work with different stakeholders and partners and prioritize tasks.

8.  A team player with the ability to execute and manage multiple tasks with minimal supervision.